Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26: My hand in your hand

One of the activities I wanted to do for my birthday was to go Creatively Yours and paint myself a coffee mug.  Of course by me painting my own mug, I really meant that I wanted Lucy to do most of the painting and me just kinda sit back and supervise.  

Lucy decided that she wanted to do her own mug so we both painted our own.  My plan for my mug was to have Matt's handprint, then mind, then Lucy's, then Dexter's so I could have off of them with me all of the time.  It didn't turn out perfect, but I love it!  And I added the little tid bit "With my whole heart for my whole life."

I cannot.wait. for the morning so that I can fill it up with my morning coffee and savor in how awesome this cup is.

Also, don't forget to scroll all the way down so you can see Lucy's cup, where she even wrote her own name on the cup herself.  I am super freaking impressed by that!


  1. Coffee mugs are VERY important...I had a mug at school that I never washed, (helps to keep away the sniffles), and it got so bad that a support staffer threw it away!!!....I loved that mug!

  2. Awwww I was just thinking about having Evy decorate a mug for me. But I was going to have her use permenate markers and bake it. Then I realized having her use permenate markers is the worst idea ever.

    That is all :)


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