Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27: Color me a cookie

Lucy is getting to that age when baking with her is not as difficult as it once was.  When she pours flour into the mixing bowl, at least 90% of it ends up in the bowl now instead of the 60% that it used to be.  She can read the numbers on the measuring spoons and she listens to the recipe, meaning, I have to read it to her first, step by step, and then as we go through the recipe, she will call me out if I am doing something that doesn't look like what I previously read ("You can't put extra cherries mommy, the recipe says 5 not 6").

This was Lucy telling me she could do the rolling "all by herself," which is something we hear a lot these days, ugh, four year olds and their independence.

Making cookies is never complete unless you have some T-rex cookies in the mix.
 All cooked up:
 Here are the ones that Lucy colored on.  I wasn't sure how we would decorate them, and I couldn't find my food coloring.  I didn't want to run out for a third time so we just decided to color them with the food markers that I had bought earlier in the day.  Lucy had the most fun with this part.  She would color a cookie, then eat it, color, then eat.  I had to remind her several times that she would have to slow down as to save some for daddy.
 And these are the ones I did.  I just mixed some powered sugar with milk to make the frosting for these ones.  It was pretty simple and made our ghosts even better.

And that is day 27 for ya!  We really had fun with this project and it makes me excited for our Christmas baking where I usually go overboard completely.  I can't wait for this to be a yearly tradition for us.  I hope that the kitchen is always a place where she and I can connect.

Side note, the recipe we used was totally simple too, 2 cups flour, 1/2 cup sugar, two sticks of butter.  Cooked at 350 until the sides were browned.  Thank you to my friend Chara for that recipe!!

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  1. Cute! I like making cookies with my girls too! Messy, but fun.

    Stacey @


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