Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29: Hey neighbors, BOO!

A friend of mine told me about these BOO! bags that I should do for my crafty challenge.  Well I looked into them and they are a super cute idea.  Basically you make a little goodie bag for your neighbors, add a little poem and then they have to "pay it forward" with another goodie bag to a different neighbor.  I didn't want to force anyone to get involved in a chain thing this year (look out for next year) and I know how busy my neighbors are, so we just made these up and excluded the little poem.  Instead, we colored these green bags to match our frankenstein on our door statue, filled them with candy, labeled the backs saying they have been BOO'd and to have a Happy Halloween.  

Lucy helped me in making the bags, but sorry neighbors, I am keeping her's to myself because let's face it, it's the best. 

And these are our finished BOO bags.  I have 7 neighbors and tomorrow we will drop them off at everyones door step.  Hopefully the rain won't ruin them.  

Oh yea, and my shameless plug written at the bottom of every bag.  So if you are one of my neighbors reading this after you received one of our BOO bags, please leave a comment letting us know you got them, loved them and couldn't live without them!

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