Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30: Carve a pumpkin

Eeeeeek!  We are just a day away from Halloween, and I have YET to post pictures of our pumpkins! Well, that is because we just did them.  We headed to the pumpkin patch and Lucy directed us around.  

 Matt picked out this pumpkin, which turned out to be impossible to cut in to.  
 Dexter approved. 

We came home and started getting our carve on. 

She started having second thoughts right about here...
And right about here is when she started saying "gross" a lot
And here is where she was freaking out saying "gross" over and over

Dexter was upset that we wouldn't give him a knife and let him have at it

And here is where we let him have at it, please note the single tooth since he FINALLY just got one
And he was pretty "eh" about it
And the final product!  

Oh wait!  Where is Matt's?  Well, Matt found it nearly impossible to cut into so instead of a trip to the ER, he set up Lucy with a paintbrush and her paintbox and let her go.
Here is her final project, but please ignore the horrible flash job from my phone.  I plan on taking the "final" pictures tomorrow on the porch.

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  1. It's a Beautiful Tooth....Pumkins are great!.....Everyone looks happy!.....What else is there!


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