Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31: Pull up a chair

I am very proud and excited to show of my last project for the 31 day challenge.  The new activity table for the kids.  

I took this simple table from IKEA and painted the top with chalk board paint, because what project is complete without chalk board paint right?
 I had always planned on painting the top with chalkboard paint, but this was just my little kick.

When my friend Heather was in town, I had to take her on a much needed trip to IKEA, which was her first trip there.  Amazing right?  While we were there, Heather picked out all her furniture for her future house, and I found this, which I immediately decided I needed to complete the kids' activity table.

After a little maneuvering and guessing, I came up with this and I just nailed it to the table.

 Then I took the part that you are supposed to use to tear the paper off and moved it to the other side.

And here is the final outcome.  Lucy has been loving it and has gone through half the roll of paper already, but I am loving that she is so excited about it.  And I love that it is big enough that both her and I can color together.  And now that Dexter is pulling up to everything he can get his little hands on, I got him some crayons too so he can join us in our craziness.  

But I am super happy that this table is done.  Eventually, I am going to make a lego insert for it so they can use it for a lego table too, but for now, I think this is amazing just the way it is!

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  1. so cute! Where did you get the bracket to hold the paper (or is it part of the table?)

  2. It was part of the paper holder thing that I bought at IKEA for $7. They are two separate pieces but I just nailed it on the table

  3. Wow, that is awesome!! I have never painted anything with chalkboard paint but I LOVE the idea, especially on a table! You do realize you could probably be selling this stuff, right???

  4. That is really cute! We could definitely use something like that in our house!

  5. it looks fabulous! what a great play space!

  6. Very clever and fun. Ikea just makes me happy. :D How fun to share the first time Ikea experience with a friend. Thanks for linking up to BeColorful.


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