Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seattle Aquarium

We headed to the aquarium over the weekend.  It was pretty neat.  Lucy was obsessed with the octopus, which was kinda hiding and she had a mild melt down when we tried to get her to touch the star fish, but all in all, she liked it.  

Dexter on the other hand, he LOVED it.  He could have stayed all day looking at the fish.  He really enjoyed it.  Take a look at our pictures from the day:
Lucy touching the star fish

Lucy the octopus

This lady came around teaching the kids about star fish. Lucy was pretty excited about them after she learned a little bit about them

Dexter was unimpressed at first

Jelly fishing!

Learning more about the octopus

Trying on scuba gear

bucked tooth blow fish

Dex mesmerized 

Standing under the fish

Best shirt ever

Second best shirt ever

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  1. U all look like u had a good day, yr mom


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