Sunday, October 7, 2012

This weeks menu

I can't believe I have my menu planned so early today!  Normally, I sit down to write out my plan during the quiet evening hours with nothing more than an episode of Breaking Bad/The Office/Arrested Development/rerun of the Real Housewives of  [insert whatever city is playing at the moment]/30 Rock/[insert whatever show I am currently obsessed with], my laptop, a pen and my menu paper (yes, I have special menu paper.  Don't judge me).

But today, the kids were playing super nice together.  Lucy was sitting in a box (my mom sent a care package this week and Lucy, for some reason, thinks the box was the best thing ever and hasn't wanted to sit anywhere else this week except inside the box) and Dexter was trying as hard as he could to get in the box with her.  And Matt, well I think he was in the office, or outside doing yard work, or hiding somewhere napping.  But I had a free minute. It was crazy.  In this moment of quiet, I started playing on Pinterest and decided to just go ahead and write my menu plan.

My best friend from Vegas is coming into town on Thursday morning, so I don't have a whole lot planned since I have to show off the amazing food this city has to offer.  And the stuff I do have planned is, like last week, pretty basic.  I find that going back to the basics a time or two makes for some fun weeks.

Well enough talking, let's get to the goods!

Monday-Meatloaf.  I don't make "typical" meatloaf.  I use ground turkey, BBQ sauce (instead of ketchup) and I cook them in muffin tins because the crusty parts are my favorite so this way, you get more crusty parts.  Plus, they store SO easily.  I also top with cheese.  They are always AMAZING!
Tuesday-Enchilada lasagna.  This is just open enchiladas.  I hate rolling enchiladas so I find if I put a tortilla down, then chicken, cheese, sauce, then another tortilla, it's more of a lasagna than enchiladas.  I will make my own sauce for them, and plan on making homemade green tomatillo sauce too.  We also have a bunch of tomatoes left over so if I am feeling "saucy" I'll make homemade tomato salsa too.
Wednesday-Potato soup.  This recipe is just from memory, but I put celery, onions, bacon, cheese garlic and milk in it.  I use chicken broth (usually homemade stock if I have it) and milk.  I don't measure anything which drives Matt crazy.
Thursday-Eating out
Saturday-Eating out

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  1. Your meatloaf sounds amazing. I really like Italian Pinwheel meatloaf with strips of ham rolled into it, but I hardly ever eat meat like that I mix into casseroles and such.


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