Sunday, October 21, 2012

This weeks menu

On one of my online discussion boards, they do a weekly recipe challenge, where one ingredient is picked and you have to cook a meal with that item.  I haven't been following it too closely because I have been completely busy, but this week I was able to catch it.  I was pretty excited that I did, because well, it's a fun ingredient.  Are you ready?  It's APPLES.  I have never really cooked with apples before.  A dessert yes, but that was the exception with this ingredient, it could NOT be a dessert.

I was super excited to start looking up recipes and once I started finding them, I couldn't decide what I wanted to do, so I decided, what the hell, I will just do the whole freaking week full of apple recipes.

I started today, Sunday, instead of having our previously scheduled BBQ because well, Seattle was covered in hail Sunday afternoon and BBQing was out of the question.  So I made this instead.  And O.M.G. it was INCREDIBLY AMAZING and SUPER FREAKING DELISH.  And I mean so delish, Lucy ate, every.single.bite. without one word from us begging her to "justpleasetakeonemorebite."

With the experience tonight with Lucy eating everything, I am hoping the rest of the week fares the same.  And with that, here is this weeks apple inspired menu:

Monday:  Grilled chicken and crunchy apple salsa

Tuesday:  Potato Latkes and a brisket

Wednesday:  Pork ribs and Canadian bacon with onion and apples (I know this is a lot of pork for one night, BUT, the canadian bacon with onions and apple was just not enough for an entire dinner and pork and apples go together like peas and carrots (except I hate peas))

Thursday:  Make up birthday dinner.  Matt had plans to take me to Bizzaro Italian Cafe for my birthday, but we made the mistake of going around 6 and then there was an hour long wait.  So we skipped and ended up going to Dick's which I thought would be my fix for In&Out burger in Vegas, but it alas is not.  So we decided that on Thursday we would do our make up dinner, because I cannot.freaking.wait since the smells coming from the Cafe were incredible and amazing and made my mouth start watering the second we walked in.

Friday:  Canadian bacon sweet onion and apple pizza

Saturday:  Fried Rice (no apples sadly, but Matt requested the rice, so there you go)

Sunday:  Salad and BBQ or maybe left overs, or something super amazing that I just whip up, or maybe I will bat my eyes at Matt and tell him that Iamjusttootiredtocook and ask him to take me out, again.

For Dexter, I am going to cook a squash and make some homemade apple sauce and mix them together.  He will also get some peas and maaaaaaybe, a bite or two of our chicken here and there, but feeding him un-pureed food right now still makes me want to puke from nerves.

Are any of you up to the apple challenge?  If you do, please leave a link to your recipe in the comments!!!

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