Sunday, October 28, 2012

This weeks menu

Last weeks menu was awesome, with just a few hiccups.  The brisket that I made on Tuesday was horrible and tough, but the latkes were so good, I ate three while cooking them and then three more with dinner.  On Wednesday, the grilled onions, apples and bacon was probably the best thing I have ever eaten in my life.  And Friday, well I cooked all the bacon on Wednesday so I didn't have any left for Friday's pizza, so what I did instead was I shredded up some chicken and tossed it with at buffalo wing sauce, spread it around with onions and then when it came out of the oven, I sprinkled on blue cheese crumbles.  It was heaven.  Seriously, it was amazing.

Saturday I made homemade chicken dumpling soup which was AMAZING and I pushed the fried rice to Sunday.  It made for an amazing week.  And speaking of amazing weeks, I cannot wait for this weeks menu.  I am trying a few new things, a bunch of new recipes and I am totally excited about it!

Are you ready to see what I have planned because I am ready to share!

Monday:  Pork steak with a pear glaze and baked acorn squash (squash was this week's ingredient challenge)

Tuesday:  Roast beef dip sandwiches with french onion soup.  I am using a different recipe this time to see if I can 1) make it in less than two hours and 2) just try a different way of doing it.

Wednesday:  Pork chops with blackberry glaze, red smash potatoes and yellow squash chips

Thursday:  London broil (probably just baked) with cauliflower gratin and maybe some salad.

Friday:  Brussel sprout pizza (sounds awful right?  Well check out the recipe and you will change your tune)(also you might be asking yourself why I would plan brussel sprouts, but let me tell you, they came in my recent basket from Bountiful Baskets, which is why sometimes I have random weirdness in my recipes, I don't have control over what I get in my baskets.)

Saturday:  We are going to be trying a new "FAMILY COOKING NIGHT" in our house starting Saturday.  Basically, we think of some crazy fun extravagant meal, and EVERYONE helps make it.  We asked Lucy what she wanted and she said mac and cheese, we are obliging, so we are having fried chicken and homemade mac and cheese.

Sunday:  left overs or fried rice, or soup or I don't know yet, maybe just salad, whatever it is, it will be amazing.

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