Monday, November 26, 2012

25 days of Christmas

You all have probably caught on by now that I am a little crafty (what was the hint?).  My craftiness only gets more out of control with the holidays.  Last year was a "homemade" Christmas and I made almost every gift we gave.  This year, won't be so crazy, but we will be doing a bunch of crafty stuff, including making an advent calendar.  Our advent calendar will be filled with 25 Christmas themed activities and projects.  They will range from reading holiday themed books, to making cookies for Santa, to decorating the house.

I would love for others to join me in our celebration of Christmas!  So I am asking you to link up and tell the world what you are doing!

How do you link up?  Well, you link up your introductory post.  Maybe you are going to blog every day for 25 days (which is my plan, but we all know I am crazy).  Maybe you are going to blog every couple of days and just do a summary of what you have done.  Or maybe you are going to blog just once a week about your advent activities.  No matter which way you choose, I would love for you to join me.

So link up with your introductory post about what your plan is.  If you haven't started writing yet about your plans for December, but plan on it, link up anyway!  Your advent activities can be about anything, they can be crafty, religious, about cooking...they can even be about how you celebrate the holidays, whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever!  I just hope to have some fun with it!

Every couple of days I will check in with those that have linked up and feature some of your activities, projects, recipes, ceremonies or whatever to give my readers a little glance at what they should be following as well.

So link up, have fun, and LET'S DO THIS!

The "rules":
  • Link up your introductory post 
  • Link back to me in some way 
  • No links to giveaways or etsy stores
  • Please check out some of the other people who linked up! 


  1. Great idea! I love Christmas, so I'm All In like Petraeus ;)

  2. Great link-up Randi, you've got some great links!


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