Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cat frames, what do you mean cat frames

I know I am kiiiiinda ruining some Christmas surprises here, but, these came out so cute I can't help but share them.  

Ironically, both of my best friends are cat people.  I am terribly allergic to cats.  But I can't help but love them both.  

I am a big fan of homemade gifts for Christmas presents and decided that these would be fitting for both my girls.  I really can't wait to send them.  I guess the only surprise now is that neither of them will know which one they are getting.  All I can do is hope that they will both love them!

Do you make gifts for the holidays?  What are some of the presents you have made?


  1. perfect gifts!!! my one daughter is a knitter, and her homemade gifts are always a favorite...
    I am your newest follower from t he hop..pls foliow back if you can.


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