Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Giving thanks

You all know how much I love wooden pumpkins from my fall sign that I made for my fireplace mantel.  Well I had grand plans for my Thanksgiving sign.  I planned on making turkeys that would stand proudly behind my "Give Thanks" sign.  My turkeys look horrible.  I am not even sure I want to finish them.  But, let me show you what I did with my baby pumpkins.

 Matt cut up some scrap wood from the garage for me (man we have so much scrap wood) and then I painted them orange.  How lucky was I to find these green thumb tacks at Target.  The pack cost me $3.

 After I put the stems on, I realized that they needed a little...more.  So I used my brown ink pad and inked the sides.  I really like how they all of a sudden look like they have depth to them.

And here are all my baby pumpkins in all their glory

Then it was time for a photo shoot.

A little close up on the pumpkins.  The letters were cut out on my cricut and I mod podged them on.

 Here they are in my window.  Remember, they are small.  But I thought a small subtle message was best.

And here is the full picture, and Lucy is in the back also showing her little pumpkin that she colored.  We set it up next to my baby pumpkins.

I am very excited for our pumpkins, but I am sad my turkeys did not come out the way I had hoped. I might still do something with them, but the time being, they will just be hidden away in my craft room.

What Thanksgiving decorations are popping up in your house?


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