Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Men for Movember

The month of November is dedicated to men's health, particularly prostate and testicular cancer.  The people over at Movember are "changing the face of men's health."  

Matt heard about this and decided he wanted to be a Mo Bro and signed up.  On November 1st, the guys over at Weldon Barbers went over to Matt's office and gave all the guys participating a clean straight razor shave.  And the deal is, for the entire month of November, you can't shave your 'stache.  

Matt has had many nights of deep thought trying to figure out what 'stache he is going to grow.  I mean, the kind of mustache you sport can change your whole outlook on life.  Matt has a lot of decisions, and a lot of great men of the 'stache to live up to.  Does he go with:

the Tom Sellek
the Ron Burgandy
the Johnny Depp (yummmmm)

 He has just so many to choose from:


I am pretty sure that I have convinced him to go with the "handlebar" 'stache and I am excited to see how it ends up looking!

We would like to invite you over to his Movember page and if you like, please feel free to make a donation for men's health on his page (but no pressure).  You can also click on the mustache over on my side bar on the right.

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  1. Awe! My husband normally does this every year with his work, but this year he decided not to because he is getting a vasectomy on Friday and didn't want to look all creepy at the Dr's. He doesn't grow a very good 'stach


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