Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Bella and Max

Dexter has been long overdue for a hair cut.  His hair was getting long enough that I may or maynot have tried to put it in pigtails.  We had been on the fence about cutting his hair before his first birthday and I secretly was sad about cutting off his rusty locks.  But, the time had come that his hair was getting in his eyes and you could tell he was annoyed.  

My neighbor takes her daughter to Bella and Max children's boutique and hair salon at the Country Village in Bothel and I decided to give them a try.  Not only do they have the cutest little cars for the kids to sit in, each "station" has a TV where the kids can pick what movie they want to watch and they get to play with whatever toys they want also.  
 Dexter went first.  I was really happy that their little car seats had buckles in them so I didn't have to worry about Dexter climbing out of the seat.
 And he brought this car with him to chew on:
 His before picture where he bares a similar resemblance to a Bieber.
 He got all wrapped up and was doing ok, until the squirt bottle came out...
 And then it was downhill from there...
 Shaylene, the stylist cutting his hair, was really fast and did a great job, even though Dexter looks severely unimpressed.
 This was not him calming down, this was between cries:
He kept this face for most the hair cut.  You would think that with each snip you were cutting away a part of his soul, but we all know that since he is a red head, he has no soul, so I don't understand the problem.
Maybe it was the pink unicorn on his smock that made him mad.  Either way his opinion of the hair cut process did not sway Shaylene at all.  She was a trooper.  I'd like to say that this tantrum was out of the ordinary for him and that it was rare form, but anyone that knows Dexter knows that the only time he is happy is when I am holding him or if he is eating.  He hates just about everything else.  
 Here is Dexter's before and after...or rather from Bieber baby to boy.
Next up was the girl.  She was soooooooo excited to get her hair cut.  Even though she *really* didn't need one, she wanted to sit in those cars sooooo bad, I just had to let her.
 I mean how could you say no to this face?  I mean it's a totally distracted face because she was watching Nemo, but it's cute nonetheless.
 She also said she needed to drive to Africa.
 This is where I told Lucy that when you are at the salon getting your hairs did, you need to talk gossip.  She asked what gossip was and I said, "you tell your stylist 'giiiiirl, you won't believe what that other girl wore to the playground, that skirt did not match her head band at.all.'"  Lucy didn't get it and just asked me what girl I was talking about and "the playground?  Are we going there after this?"  Ah well, it's probably for the best.
 And as Dexter watched, I am sure he was thinking "LUCY!!! DON'T LET THEM CUT AWAY YOUR SOUL, YOU STILL HAVE ONE BECAUSE YOU ARE BLONDE!!!!"

 And Lucy was sooooo excited after she was done with her haircut, can't you tell?  This is her fake smile, but she honestly was so happy.  And when Matt got home last night all she could do was talk about how awesome her hair cut was.
 Little Miss checkin' out her new do:
 Shaylene then asked if it was ok for her to put some G-L-I-T-T-E-R in Lucy's hair, and idiot me had to actually think a minute on what G-L-I-T-T-E-R spelled...what can I say, I am a little slow sometimes.  Anyway, what is an awesome haircut without glitter??  Having the glitter was probably Lucy's favorite part of the cut.

 Overall, the place is awesome.  There are all kids of toys, but it's not cluttered.  It's well decorated, cute and very darling.  I loved how fast and accurate Shaylene was able to cut Dexter's hair, especially since he was not happy about it at all.  They also collected a small bit of rusty locks for me in a little baggie and I got a certificate that said "First hair cut" with Dexter's name on it.

The price is reasonable and comparable to other places in the area.  The added bonus for Bella and Max is that you also get a ticket for the train at Country Village for every hair cut.  The train is one of Lucy's favorite things to do there and since we didn't ride the train after the hair cuts, we can save them to use maybe this weekend.

I am pretty sure we will be visiting them on a regular basis because now that Dexter is all trimmed up, we will have to maintain it so there are fewer opportunities for me to put his hair in pigtails to use as future ammunition during his dating days.

One of the cute pieces of art on the walls
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**Bella and Max did not pay me or comp our hair cuts to write this review.  These views are written solely on my opinion and observations.  There are also no discounts given if you use our name when you book your appointment.  

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  1. I found you thru the Seattle Bloggers Unite on Facebook. I have taken my son there twice for his haircuts. The first time was just ok, He threw a tantrum so his hair really didn't get cut much. And I didn't get a first haircut certificate :( But the second time was great. We had a different person this time. I can't wait to go back and try it again! Your kids are adorable by the way!


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