Thursday, November 1, 2012

The ending is simply just the beginning

I want to take this moment to thank everyone that has been following along during the past 31 days.  I challenged myself to this project in hopes to kick my butt into gear to blog more, to learn more about where I wanted to take my blog and also to meet more people in the blogging community.  I am happy to say, I think I met all of those goals.

A few updates from my month of projects.  The mugs from the coffee party on day 21, almost all the ink washed off.  The lighter colors are gone completely, the darker colors stayed a little better, but not much.  The necklaces that I did on day 13,  as I have loved them, Dexter didn't have teeth until three days ago, however, my friends that I sent the other necklaces to, their sons have teeth and apparently, the sound of their teeth on the stone is horrible.  So I am making new ones but using this tutorial.  My friend Megan got the magnets that I made on day 20, and she loved them.

I have officially decided that any coffee that is sipped from the mug we painted on for my birthday on day 26, is more amazing than in any other mug.  I was a little disappointed that I only did two days of scrapbooking which you can read here and here, but in my internet travels I have found a few scrapbooking hops that will help me keep on track.  I am excited to hop into my thanksgiving decorating which was started on day 14.  And the scrub brush and cleaner that I made on day 24 has been AMAZING and I bought two more scrubbers to keep one in Lucy's bathroom and one in the kitchen, because did I mention, they are AMAZING!

Thank you all.  Seriously.  It has been an amazing journey for me, it's been invigorating and exciting.  I am so proud that I was able to finish it.  So thank you all.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope that you continue to support me, tell your friends and let me know what kind of projects you want to see in the future!

To see the full 31 days, please click here.

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