Sunday, November 4, 2012

This weeks menu

Well last week's menu plan was kinda amazing, not going to lie, it's going to be difficult to top, but, I will try.  The glazes that I made were pretty good, not like I was expecting, the pear was very thick, the blackberry was overly sweet, but good nonetheless.

Saturday, we had a super lazy afternoon, and somehow, all of us fell asleep and napped, which never happens.  Around 6 when we all woke up, there was no time to prep our super awesome family dinner night, so we just went out.  Sunday, we did the big huge family dinner and oh my goodness it was well worth the wait.  The homemade mac and cheese was the best I have ever eaten in my life making me wonder why I have ever bought boxed stuff in the past.  The fried chicken was good, but it was my first attempt at buttermilk fried chicken and have some things I will tweak for the future.

Anyway, on to this weeks menu...

Monday:  Basic spaghetti.

Tuesday:  Cheesy broccoli soup.  Broccoli was in my Bountiful Basket this week and since I failed to use the bundle from last week because I forgot about it, I want to make sure not to forget this week.

Wednesday:  Fried chicken ( I am trying it again) cauliflower gratin (the same recipe from last week because holy damn it was good)

Thursday:  London broil and roasted brussel sprouts (in our BB again)

Friday:  Pizza (probably the brussel sprout pizza because it was AMAZING!)

Saturday:  Mongolian beef with white rice

Sunday:  Family cook night again, but Lucy is already sleeping so I can't ask her what she wants.  I hope she says mac and cheese again ;)


  1. Ask Grandma Judy about her buttermilk fried chicken. She soaks the chicken overnight in the buttermilk, it is so good.

  2. Sounds soooo Yummie........


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