Sunday, November 11, 2012

This weeks menu

Last week's menu follow up:

Dexter is teething and is miserable so on Wednesday we ordered pizza because I wasn't able to put Dexter down.  And other than that we stuck pretty much on track.

I feel like I have been having trouble menu planning lately, mainly because when I sit down to write, I am tired and not hungry.  I have been writing my plans after dinner, snacks and dessert.  Maybe it also helps me make sure that I don't overdue it, like going to the store hungry.  I hope this is a good one after all.

Monday- Chicken pot pie.  I have not attempted my own crust yet, but I do plan on trying after Thanksgiving with left over turkey. I want to use my own crust because I would like to make my pot pies in minis and I think homemade crust will be more pliable than the store bought stuff.  

Tuesday- Chimichangas.  I have found a problem with the Pacific Northwest.  The Mexican food up here SUCKS.  Like totally awful horrible terrible.  Maybe it's because we come from Vegas and even the tacos made on food trucks are amazing.  I don't know, but I cannot find good Mexican food up here and it's sad.  I mean, even the bad Mexican food is better than then "good" Mexican food up here.  Ok, I am done.  Until I can find some good burritos, I have to rely on myself to make the good stuff.

Wednesday- Beef stew.  With fall upon us, soups and stews are the best foods to have in this wet weather.  I am loving it.  I plan on making some artisan bread too.

Thursday- Fried chicken and mashed taters.  The last three weeks I have made fried chicken it's been freaking OMG amazing, so we are having it again.  And again and again.

Friday- PIZZAAAAA!!!!!!  It might involve bacon.  Again.

Saturday-  Chicken dumpling stew, beeeeecause it's amazing.

Sunday- Family dinner night.  Making dinner with everyone on Sunday has been so much fun.  Lucy really gets into it and she loves eating her own creations.  It makes for a freaking mess, but it's worth it.  So instead of planning a meal for Sunday, I wait until the morning to ask Lucy what she wants to eat and then we take it from there.  That means there is no plan until Sunday morning.

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