Sunday, November 25, 2012

This weeks menu

I have been on a little bit of a blogging break over the holiday.  I spent so much time cooking and preparing for Thanksgiving, it was nice to take a little break from everything else.  Plus I spent the better part of the weekend doing the dishes since, I apparently cannot cook unless I use in the entire house.  I did not disappoint myself.  Everything I owned was in the sink.  Don't believe me, just take a look, and this doesn't include our dinner plates or serving plates:

After taking a zillion hours doing the dishes, the family and I hung out and did family things.  We went to see The Rise of the Guardians, we did a little shopping and this morning, we took an amazing walk along the Sammamish river.  It was the perfect weekend.  

Also, for some reason, I have thought today was Saturday all day.  When Lucy asked what day it was I even answered back Saturday and Matt had to correct me.  

Regardless, that little correction reminded me that I needed to come here and write out my menu plan. It also reminded me that I promised myself that I was going back to the gym starting tomorrow and I reaaaaalllllyyyyyyyyyy don't want to.  That's a lie.  I really want to, I just don't.  

Well enough of my whining, what's for dinner?

Monday- Potato soup

Tuesday-  Ranch pork chops with these mashed potato patties  (side note, I hate buttermilk, does anyone have a substitution for it???)

Wednesday- Turkey pot pie 

Thursday- Turkey noodle soup (hopefully this will be the end of the turkey)

Friday- Pizza 

Saturday- We might go out.  I don't know.  It's the first of December and our advent activities start so we might be out and about.  Not sure yet. 

Sunday- Family cook night.  Not sure what we are going to make yet here either, but Lucy will decide and then we will make it.  I am kiiiiiinda hoping she picks mac and cheese again.  

What is on your menu plan this week?


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