Friday, November 30, 2012

Why I am giving up eating out

Matt likes to budget.  ::eyeroll::

Ok, ignore that.  Budgeting is a good thing.  It's smart.  It's what will make it possible for me to continue to stay at home, what makes it possible for us to go on vacations, have nice things, and will  put our kids through college.  I think my problem with budgeting is that it limits my spending (the point I know).  I don't like limits.  I am a consumer.  I like to buy, I like to spend.  This of course does not work well with a budget.

One of the things that is on our budget is food, both eating out and cooking at home.  I know my menu plans don't show a lot of eating out, and really, it's because we don't eat out often.  I like to go out to breakfast at least once on the weekend and I like to go out for either lunch or dinner once on the weekends too.  Matt hates that I want to go out because it cuts into the budget.  I just like once in a while to not have to cook AND clean (Matt if you are reading this, if you would just do the dishes on the weekends after breakfast, I would be more apt to cook).

The problem that I have with eating out is I want to make it count.  I want to go to a place that cooks better than me.  I want to go to a place that is incredible.  I want to be BLOWN AWAY by the food.  Since Matt limits us to how often we eat out, I don't want to waste these times on crappy food.

Way better than take out pizza!!
But on days we do eat out, would I choose pizza?  Hell no, because my homemade pizza is WAAAAY better than any pizza that we have had out here.  Do I want to go to a BBQ place?  Nope, because my homemade glaze ROCKS MY SOCKS.  Would we get mexican?  No no and no, because the few time we have tried it out here, IT SUCKS, and my tacos and enchiladas and chimichangas are way better.

It's hard trying to find a place that is worth it.  We have tried places that they mention on the FOOD network, we have tried places that people have recommended.  We have found a few places that are good.  We have found more places that aren't great.  Another beauty of being in a new city is that we get to try so many new places, so we rarely go to the same place twice.  So it's not like we aren't trying.

There have been so many days when I have sat around until 5, procrastinating making dinner, thinking of all the amazing things I could find outside our house.  I sit and dream of filets seared in a garlic and parsley sauce sided with grilled asparagus slathered in a butter sauce and maybe some seasoned potatoes.  And don't forget the warm sourdough bread that you get to munch on before your meal gets there.  I mean, come on, doesn't that sound amazing?

In reality though, a meal like that would cost well over $50, because of course, you would need wine.  Any meal like that would probably not have the best of accommodations for kids.  And honestly, even when we do go out, Lucy wants mac and cheese, which is just the boxed stuff.  I mean the menus even say KRAFT MACARONI AND CHEESE!  AND IT'S $4.99.  A box of that stuff is like $.50 at the store.   And don't forget, anytime we DO go out with the kids, one of us has to hold Dexter while the other eats, and then we switch, so one of us is eating cold food because we have to do the baby pass off.  At least once during the meal we have a melt down by someone...the mac and cheese is too runny, we aren't getting food in front of the baby fast enough, we got water instead of juice, we aren't getting dessert, the crayons aren't the right color, SOMETHING always results in a meltdown.  Half way through the dinner I am always questioning why we even bothered.

So the result is, I get off my butt and cook dinner.  I am usually happy that I cooked and the shear fact that it's more relaxing to eat at home makes the meal taste better, I swear.  And now almost everyone is happy.  Matt gets to pinch his wallet, Lucy gets whatever color crayon she wants, Dexter gets Cheerios until dinner is served and I get a good meal, although I still have to do the dishes.


  1. I completely understand! 80% of the time that I want to eat out, it's because I don't want to do dishes!! I love to matter what I'm cooking. But I absolutely. Loathe. Dishes.

  2. Candy says that I am married to the "Muffin Princess" as she just got done making some GREAT Canberry Muffins....I'm with Matt, if U want to eat out, try the patio........

  3. I hear you on the dishes! My husband hates to eat out and I hate to always cook and clean, so I made a bargain with him. I cook, he does dishes. If he refuses to do the dishes, I don't cook the next meal! He has never once refused to do the dishes after I presented my argument that way.

  4. Hi Randi! I too, love to eat out, but in this small town of MANY restaurants, there' only two that we like and can afford! Mexican and Chinese! Of course, I cook a lot of Mexican dishes and some stir fries, but as you said, it's so nice to let someone else cook and clean up the mess. I feel like my cooking is as good as most restaurants we frequent; and cakes, I'm making my own: German Chocolate! I haven't found a bakery yet to make one as good as mine! But, we will continue to eat out since I like to have a break once in awhile! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  5. Heather, I need a house elf to do my dishes!

    Dad, tell Candy to send me some muffins. Or at least the recipe :)

    Trish, how can I get my husband on that train??

    Bama Girl, I am requesting a German Chocolate cake to sample. :)

  6. I'm tellin' ya, threaten! Stop cooking until he does the dishes. If he's serious about not eating out, he'll come around to your way of thinking.

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