Monday, December 17, 2012

A little Seattle for everyone

I mentioned in my wreath post a couple weeks ago about the branch that fell from one of the big trees in our front yard.  Although the trash guys took my branches to make my wreath, Matt hadn't cut down the limb before trash day.  This was great for me, so I asked him to slice it up instead.  
I thought, how cool would it be to break out my wood burning kit and make ornaments for everyone for Christmas.  This way, all our family (well most of them) could have a little bit of Seattle on their tree each year to remember us by.

Once they were all cut, I laid them out to dry.  It took probably four or five days until they were completely dry.  

The original plan was to make them more monogrammed, but as you can see from my "S", they didn't come out fabulous.  It wasn't until I was making one for my friend, when I tried out the heart with the arrow through it.  I instantly LOVED them.  And that is what I did with the rest of them.

I made some for almost all of our family and some for a bunch of my friends.  After I was done burning the drawings in, I drilled holes at the top so I could string through some ribbon so they could be hung from the tree.  Ignore the canvas painted ornaments for now, I will get into those ones tomorrow. 

 I really am happy with how these turned out.  I have about 8 more blanks that I plan on making more with, I just need to figure out what to put on them.  In the end, I am glad that we were able to share a little of our home with our family and friends this year.  Being away from everyone isn't easy, but at least now, a part of us is with them.


  1. I hope they taste as good as they look!!...

  2. These are really cute and such a frugal Christmas gift! I would love if you would share this over at my blog hop

  3. I don't see an H+J in there, I'm just saying...

  4. Those are so cute! And great for memories if you make with the fam. Would have ever thought of this!

  5. Dad, they leave a "sappy" taste in your mouth

    Amy, thanks for stopping by! I linked up on your page too!

    Heather, you will be biting your tongue in about two days.

    Shai, thanks!!

    Krystyna, this was one of the few projects Lucy couldn't help with because of the wood burning tool, but Matt helped by cutting them and showing me how to drill the holes. But Lucy got to hang them on the tree :)

  6. I'm seconding Amy...I would love it if you would share your great idea at the 'EOA' Wednesday link-up running now!! This is so cool...did your husband use a chain saw or hand saw?

  7. My cousins did this very thing this year, everyone got a piece of their tree for Christmas. I love it!
    thanks for sharing at CCC, catching you this week.

  8. I love this idea. Found you over at Gail's My Repurposed Life!


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