Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A stocking for the boy

Last year, Lucy said we needed to get Dexter a stocking.  He was still an inside baby then, so we just got him a little baby stocking.  This year, we needed to get him a new stocking so that Santa can fill it with tons of amazing things.  

We headed to Target.  We looked and looked.  And we found a bunch.  There was a really cool Yoda one, a Darth Vadar one and a couple other really cool ones.  But they were all over $14 each.  And really, anything more than a couple dollars for a stocking, for me, is ridiculous.  And I know, I could have just gotten a plain ol' red one, but what kind of fun is that?  

When we got back home, I went digging around in all my totes full of fabric and found this scrap of space fabric that a friend of mine sent to me.  And then I found all this let over felt.  I traced my own stocking and created my own pattern, which I guess wasn't that hard to do after all, but I am a very mediocre sewer so I need all the help that I can get.  

So anyway, I came up with this: 

It's not the best thing I could have done, but like I said, I kinda suck at sewing.  But regardless of it's errors, I love it.  I like it so much I want to make one for the rest of us too.  

Now on to how it happened, my feble attempt at a pattern:
A close up of the fabric:
Making some cuts:

And the finished product again:
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  1. OMG Randi I love this!! I am not the best sewer either but now I really want to sew some bad a** skull ones!!

  2. No matter your sewing ability, handmade is ALWAYS better dear. This looks very nice. If I have time I might even make some new ones for hubby and I to hang on the mantle! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. SAHB, DOIT! I really think I might do one for Lucy too. Especially since I found some pink felt and I have some pretty awesome fabric for her too

    Anon-Thanks! I am always so self conscience of my stuff, especially my sewing projects. I really need to take a class.


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