Monday, December 3, 2012

Adventing around

Well well well.  This advent calendar has been more trouble than it seems to be worth.  Well that isn't true.  I love that I have it, and once I get the kinks worked out it's going to be amazing.  

It seems that my luck with making advent calendars isn't getting any better.  The one I tried to make last year was awful and fell apart after hours.  This one at least lasted a day.  

Lucy helped me by gluing the numbers on the the smaller circles.  She did so good recognizing the numbers and getting them in order.  

 Here are all the tins done.  And the hint to the first hiccup we had.  I used tacky glue to glue them into the lids.  I should have used mod podge.  The day after I glued, half the labels started lifting and I had to re-glue them.  UGH.

 Then after they were all glued, I put the magnets on the tins.  I had the most perfect frame that I picked up at a thrift store for $2.  I bought magnetic paint and spray painted it.  6 coats of paint later, and there wasn't even a HINT of pull.  So that plan was scrapped.

I gave up and ran to the dollar store and picked up a cookie sheet.  Which of course was one tin too small, but WHATEVER, it will do and works for now.  Minutes after I set it up and put it together, this happened...

The first picture on this post was after I fixed it...and while I was trying to take that picture, they all were falling again.  So tomorrow, it's back to the drawing boards...

Oh and I am sure you are curious to know what our advent activities are, right?  Well let me tell you

1 - Build and Grow at Lowes's/Decorate the tree
2 - Pick out this year's ornaments
3 - Visit the reindeer
4 - Mail christmas cards/clean out pantry for donation
5 - Christmas book and craft
6 - Window decoration project/Clean out linen closet for blankets for donation
7 - Make christmas and decorate cookies
8 - Build and Grow at Lowe's/Clean out book shelf for donation
9 -  Watch a Christmas movie
10 - Work on christmas gifts
11 - Make christmas ornaments
12 - Make gifts for our neighbors/Clean out toys boxes for donations
13 - Watch a christmas parade
14 - Mail christmas presents
15 - Visit Santa/Shop for a kid on the angel tree
16 - Shop for mommy
17 - Make a gingerbread house
18 - Shop for daddy
19 - Read a christmas book and activity
20 - Watch a christmas movie and eat popcorn
21 - Make cookies for Santa
22 - Drive around looking at Christmas lights
23 - Drink hot cocoa and watch a christmas movie
24 - Read Twas the night before christmas/pajama elves visit
25 - Christmas dinner/skype with family

Additional activities will be added as they are announced around town. 

**Follow up**

Since this post, every tin feel off the magnet that I had attached to it. The spot on the couch under it was like a war zone of Christmas love.  

Matt and I had a good chuckle.  

But I got some glue and glued the magnets on this time, and so far, they are all sticking. For now.

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  1. This is such an adorable project! I love that it is fun for us grown ups and the kids, too. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Ugh, I used some of that magnetic spray paint too and it was crap. :( I ended up writing the company and they only offered to send me another can of their crappy product. So disappointed, especially with the price of it!

  3. Love your advent activities! I haven't had much luck with the magenetic spray paint either :*

  4. So sorry you had so much trouble with those magnets! It sure looks adorable. Hopefully the glue will hold. I just made an advent calendar too out of bags!

  5. What if you put the tins inside a muffin pan? That may help to support them. You would only fit 24 though.


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