Thursday, December 6, 2012

Not Just Another Wreath Around the Block

One of the great things about Seattle, is that you can have a "real" wreath and it doesn't dry out!  If we were still living in Las Vegas, the day after I put something like this up, it would be dried out and dead.  I couldn't wait to work with some real nature this season, and well, this wreath came with it's own little ecosystem too...keep on reading to see what I am talking about!

Wreath tutorial:
Collect pine branches. We went to the little forest by our house where we collected branches for our fall wreath.

Grab your tools:

  • wire cutters (I didn’t actually cut any wire with them though, I couldn’t find scissors so I used them to cut the branches down)
  • wire ornament hangers
  • needle nose pliers (not pictured because they were an afterthought)

Weave branches around the wire frame:

Ask all spiders to vacate. I hate spiders.  Except Charlette of course.

Tie branches to the wire frame using the wire ornament hooks

Trim any rogue branches

And decorate

Lastly, you must ask your husband what he thinks.  I asked Matt and he said "I didn't know that is the one you made, I thought that was the store bought one, THAT'S how good I think it looks."

He likes to humor me.

A breakdown on cost:
Circular wire frame from Michael’s: $3.75
Wire ornament hooks:  $.50 bought on clearance at Target a few years ago
Branches:  free
Tools:  pre-owned

Tips:  If you can work with gloves on, I suggest doing so.  I do not like wearing gloves so my hands were covered in sap, I am thankful we had some Goo-gone laying around to help get it off, but it’s still not completely gone.  

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  1. U've got two pretty nice kids....And U and the Big Guy are pretty nice kids also....


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