Thursday, December 13, 2012

Halfway through the 25 days!!

I think it's time that we did a run through of the people that have linked up on the 25 days of Christmas!  I have been going through and following along and these are my favorites so far!

Victoria at My Little Birds is doing a 25 days of pictures.  Her day 8 is so freaking cool!!

Sara at Our Little Northern Life made some ice ornaments that are pretty freaking cool and I can't wait to try them myself

Not necessarily Christmas related, but I was digging around on Amanda's blog over at Realistically Domestic and saw this recipe that I couldn't help but share.

Kaydee at My Sweet Life did salt ornaments.  Her recipe is SUPER EASY and I can't believe that I haven't done it yet!!

How crazy cute was this story from Cherry Blossom Love??

Megan at Love Letters is rediscovering her path to the Lord.  I love how raw her posts are

Beth at Our Front Porch View is taking a frugal take on the holidays and had her daughter make ornaments/christmas cards this year which are super cute!

My cousin's wife, Chelsea at Making Home Base...I kinda want to hate her because I am so freaking jealous of her projects, she has been doing some AAAMAZING stuff and it was hard to find my favorite, because well, all her stuff is my favorite.  Chelsea, will you come be my Martha Stewart?

Thanks for linking up!!

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Keep on posting amazing things!

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  1. I love my owls! :) Thanks for the shout out!



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