Saturday, December 8, 2012

Raw Honey

I had/have horrible allergies.  Las Vegas was terrible for them.  We moved up to Seattle in the spring, when everything here is blooming, including the dogwood trees that pollenate the air so badly it looks like it's snowing in June.  It didn't take long for my nose to start and quiver.  I was terrified of being congested all the time.  But someone told me about local honey. One of my friends in Las Vegas said, "BUY LOCAL HONEY IT WILL SAVE YOUR ALLERGIES!!!"  Yes, it was all in caps and she screamed it from the top of Mt. Charleston.  Ok, not really, but it felt like that.

So we went on a search.  Well, we didn't really go anywhere.  We consulted Google, and then we went somewhere.  I searched for "local honey" and a place called Mr. Bee's Honey popped up.  I called to see if they were open and the woman on the phone said that they didn't have a shop.  There was just a shelf outside their barn with a metal box, some honey and a sign.

Yup.  The honor system.

Probably the greatest thing ever.

We drove up the mountain in Redmond and found their place.  We didn't have the exact change the first time we went so we over paid by $2, oh well.  When we got back to our house, we sat down and just ate it with a spoon.  Needless to say, that little jar only lasted us about 5 days.

Since then, we have been back several times and I now buy it in the bigger jars because we still go through a jar almost every two months.  I use it for everything, including, my pizza dough recipe.  We still take a spoonful every other day or so to help keep our allergies at bay.  Matt is a skeptic, but since being up here, and taking honey, if my nose starts to itch, I take a tablespoon.  If I sneeze more than a couple times a day, I take a tablespoon.  And you know, I haven't had an allergy attack yet.

This stuff is amazing.  A-MAZING.

If you live on the Eastside in Seattle metropolitan area, I suggest taking a trip up to Mr. Bee's and getting some of your own honey.  Just make sure to bring some $1's.  

**Disclaimer, honey, regardless of it's state, is not good for children under the age of 1.


  1. U know how bees get to school?....In a School Buzz!...It's true!

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