Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Parental Guidance

First a big thanks to 20th Century Fox for giving myself and my readers tickets to the pre-screening.  If you are one of my readers and you went, please leave a comment on what you thought about the movie!

Now let me tell you what I thought!  This isn't a movie that Matt and I would typically go see in the theater.  Yes, we would probably watch it on Netflix, but the only times we get to go to the movies these days is for kid's movies (ie, movies Lucy wants to see).  When I told her we were going to this movie she said "I don't want to see that movie, I want to see The Hobbit."  But when the movie was over, she exclaimed "THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME!"

The plot is this: a happy couple, parenting in a very "modern" way, are invited out of town for an awards ceremony and need someone to watch their three kids.  They call their parents and Alice's (Marisa Tomei) parents are the ones that are able to come.  Her parents are played by Bette Midler (holy crap I love her) and Billy Crystal (who is still hilarious!).  Alice tries to explain to her parents how they are parenting their children hoping that they will listen, but alas, as grandparents typically do, they do their own thing.

It is a great story of family and love and the best part was that so much of the movie Matt and I could relate to on a personal level.  Bette Midler plays a very eccentric role, which is very characteristic of my own mom, and Billy Crystal plays a very funny/"I will give the kids cookies for breakfast if I want to" part, similar to my father in law.

The movie had us cracking up almost the entire time and even brought tears to our eyes in parts as well.  I think my favorite part was when they go to the little league baseball game and Artie (Billy Crystal) gets into a fight with the umpire and one of the little kids about the game since this team is a "swing until you get a hit" game instead of three strikes your out.  It brought me back to days when I would watch/umpire little league games with my dad.  It was sweet and charming and I am so glad that we saw it.

Parental Guidance gets two thumbs up from me (even though you can't see that is what I am doing since the picture is backlit but just go with it)!

Parental Guidance opens in theaters near you on December 25th.

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