Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Santa's First Magical Ride

We visited the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in Seattle on Sunday to watch a play called "Santa's First Magical Ride" during it's debut weekend.  I will be honest that I didn't do much research into it  before going so I didn't realize that it was in the very south of Seattle, which, because I didn't look earlier, we were late.  I also didn't realize that it wasn't a bigger production, but that part wasn't a big deal, because the cast of the play did not disappoint!

The story is about how Santa came to be and how the elves overthrew the elf king.  The story was very cute and I wasn't the only one tapping my toes along with the bluegrass music that was playing.  Lucy LOVED it and said she wanted to go back and "watch that movie again."  There were parts where Matt and I cracked up because it was pretty funny.  And even little Red was captured by the music and bright colors.

I have to admit, the cast was pretty convincing in their roles.  A few times they would look off in the distance because they were "seeing" something flying in the air and I caught myself turning around looking into shadowy corners looking for whatever was they were "looking" at.

I love watching live plays and this one did not let me down.  I think I loved that it was a smaller production because it just seemed so much more intimate and the cast seemed to be much more personable.  I thought the story line was unique and it was very funny.  I think my favorite "effect" was when they were imitating the reindeer flying.

After the play, the kids got to meet Santa and some of the elves.  This was Lucy's favorite part, was meeting the elves.

She didn't have much interest in talking to Santa because, "mommy, I already saw him REMEMBER??"  We did take the opportunity to get Dexter on Santa's lap so that we could get the customary "Santa is the scariest person ever" picture.  Matt was excited that we got it because he knew it would make his dad happy since his dad tells us the story every year about Matt's first visiti with Jolly Old Saint Nick.  Please take note on the progression of the pictures...

We have seen many a' Santas in our time, and by far, I think this one was my favorite.  He was so sweet, and as I was trying to convince Lucy to just go over and say hi, he kept saying "if she isn't ready, don't force her, I don't want her to be scared of me."  I really loved him and wanted to fold him up and put him in my pocket.

There are plenty more shows left to see between now and Christmas.  I hope you all run over to their website to buy tickets, which are very reasonable.  And bring the family!  Because it really is a family show.  Plan ahead to make sure you get there on time and bring a camera because you get to meet Santa after!

Below is a clip of the production so you can get a general idea of it:

And after you check out the show, please come back and leave a comment letting me know what you thought!!!

**I was not paid for this review nor was my admission comped.  All opinions are my own.  


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