Monday, December 3, 2012

This weeks menu

I was tired of turkey and didn't make my turkey dishes last week.  We ended up having pizza two days and breakfast for dinner.  I just couldn't handle anymore turkey.  That and Dexter has been sleeping very poorly lately which means I am sleeping very poorly and I am tired.

This is also why my menu plan wasn't up last night.  Dexter was up and ready to party until 1am.  But he wasn't in a "I'll play on my own" mood.  He wanted to sleep, but was fighting it, so he had to be in my lap, with his spoon, and that is where he stayed.  Until he finally passed out.

I mean look at this can tell he is exhausted.  But he would.not.sleep.

Now that he is busy throwing his cereal all over the floor, I have a moment to write out our plan.

My friend Megan recently found out that she had to cut carbs from her diet, and then last week, she was told she had to drop pretty much everything else but meat and veggies.  She was discussing this on one of the online forums I am on and someone else (following still?) mentioned that it sounds like she has to follow the Paleo Diet.  Naturally, my internet ADD kicked in and I went off to google it.  I was curious to know what this "diet" was about since I had never heard of it before.

Honestly, I didn't read much of the website (is that bad?).  I skimmed and saw that, yes, it's practically no carbs, lots of meat, lots of veggies.  I was more interested in see in the sample recipes.  They looked great.  And honestly, they were super easy.  So this week, I am adding some of them to my menu plan.  Let me just say that I have no interest in doing this "diet" at all.  And it all seems like normal food.  So don't think I am jumping on some bandwagon.  I just wanted to explain why my sources will be linked up to the Paleo diet webpage.

Monday - Chicken Marsala (you have to scroll down, I couldn't find a direct link).  I will probably put this on a bed of egg noodles.

Tuesday - Fajitas, maybe on a salad

Wednesday - French beef stew with red wine (don't let the word French through you, the recipe seems simple enough and the picture looks amazing)

Thursday - SECRET RECIPE!  A friend of mine emailed me a recipe that she made up, but she doesn't blog so she couldn't "pin" it.  She asked if I would blog it for her so she would have something to pin.  So check back on Thursday for the post.

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Homemade mac and cheese with ham steak

Sunday - French dip sandwiches


  1. That sounds so good!....I've kinda kicked the red meat, so your menu brings tears to my eyes the way a red onion does these days...(Now to see if I can post in one try..

  2. My sad, sad diet.

    Also your mac'n cheese sounds so good I might drive up to Seattle just to get some.


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