Sunday, December 16, 2012

This week's menu

I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the tragedy that hit our nation on Friday.  We don't pray often here, but I had an extremely heavy heart on Friday and so I explained to Lucy what happened, and we kneeled down and said a prayer for all of the families involved; for the victims families, for the survivors and for the guy who did it's family.  We can only pray for peace.  We probably didn't do it right, I don't know much about praying, but we did it anyway, and after hearing the words come from Lucy's mouth as she repeated after me, some of the weight felt lifted from my heart.

Because of this, I had to disconnect from the interwebs for the weekend.  I spent the whole time with my family and giving my kids extra kisses and hugs.  And hell, they even got extra special treats too.  And it was a nice weekend.

Jumping back to regularly scheduled programming here, it's menu time.  It's going to be a little fun this week since next weekend will be a lot of left overs from Christmas dinner.  Now let me get to it...

Monday - Pierogis and pork chops (I did not make them last week)

TuesdayPasta with sausage and spinach and creamy butternut sauce

Wednesday - Stuffed taco shells (the stuffed italian shells were so good last week, I have to try the taco ones)

Thursday - Bourbon chicken with rice

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Autumn penne pasta

Sunday - Pizza

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