Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Lucy-isms

Africa Part 4

Lucy:  Mommy, I want a kitty cat
Me:  Well I am allergic to cats so we won't ever have one
Lucy:  But I want one
Me:  Well when you grow up, you can have one then
Lucy:  Mommy, I am going to get my own cat.  Daddy and me will go to Africa and get a kitty cat and bring one back
Me:  Why do you have to go to Africa to get a cat?
Lucy:  Because daddy and me got to go to Africa for a cat.  And you and Dexter can't go.  I am really going to miss you when daddy and me go to Africa
Me:  Well you can always write me or skype me while you are in Africa
Lucy:  No, I can't.

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