Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Lucy-isms

Africa will be back next week, but I had to share our Christmas Lucy-ism today...

I was in the other room folding clothes when I overheard Lucy and Matt talking:

Lucy:  Daddy, I have a great idea
Matt:  What's that?
Lucy:  We get a box.  And then we get a stick.  And we tie a string to the stick and use the stick to hold up the box.  Then, we take a cookie and put it on a plate and put the plate in the box.  AND THEN, when Santa comes, he will go to get the cookie and then we pull the string and we CAPTURE Santa!!

Matt:  That's a really great plan, have you told your mommy this plan?

Lucy came running into the room to tell me what she just told Matt.

Lucy:  So you think that is a great idea?
Me:  You realize that kidnapping is a felony right?
Lucy:  What's a felony?

I love that kid.

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  1. Ain't a jury in the world would convict her........


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