Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You sure do have a sweet face

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I LOVE HONEY!  Ok, I said it!  It's out of my system.  We can move on.

I have used our local raw honey for pizza dough, an allergy cure and mixed it up for a cough remedy, makes sense that I would start using it on my face too right?  You might be thinking to yourself, "Randi has finally gone mad, she's using honey on her face" or "Ummm, Randi, there are bears in Washington, beware."  Even if you aren't thinking these things, I am.  But, where I was a skeptic, I am now a true believer of using honey on your face.

Let me explain.

Pregnancy and being a nursing mom, it's ruined my skin.  I break out now somewhat like a 13 year old boy hitting puberty.  What doesn't help this situation, is aaaalllllll the sweets and goodies that are EVERYWHERE from Halloween until New Years.  I try to fight it, but dang it, it's hard.  The result is embarrassing break outs all.the.time.  I have tried a few different over the counter things, but none of it really works.  Or it works, but then I have to buy something else to moisturize afterwards.  Or it works, and then it gets in my eyes and ruins my contacts.  
So I started digging.

Thanks to the interwebs, I found 11 billion different sites talking about using a honey scrub.  Whaaaaaaaat?  Yes, a honey scrub.  So I decided to try it.  It couldn't get much easier just a spoon full of honey and some crushed sea salt (try for equal parts).  Matt laughed at me when I told him I was going to lather my face up with honey and salt.  Heck, I thought I was a little crazy too, but afterwards, my face felt great.  It felt smooth and wasn't rough at all.  And the best part was it didn't feel dry.  I didn't feel the need for a moisturizer at all.  My face usually felt tight after every washing, as if someone was trying to pull my skin apart.  But not after using this honey scrub.

I really wish I would have tried it sooner.  Granted it was just tonight that I tried it, so I don't have any long term results for you, however, the fact that I didn't need lotion? that sells me right there.

Total skeptic

So I say try it.  Just bite the bullet and rub honey on your face.

OMG I have honey on my face!!!
And hey look at this, not bad!  

Happy face!!! (excuse the lack of makeup)

Oh, and make sure when you rinse, you use water as hot as you can stand...because honey and cold water don't mix well...not that I would know aaaaanything about that. And when you are done trying it, come back here and tell me what you thought!

Oh and beware of bears.

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  1. I've been using honey as a face wash & sometimes an overnight mask. My rosacea & acne went away & my pres got so much smaller!

  2. Interesting idea and your post made me smile.

  3. The bears just called and they think this is a really good idea........

  4. Oh I'll have to try this, nursing has made my face a mess!

  5. One area I haven't delved into is making my own skincare products. You made it sound fun!

  6. I love honey as a face wash. Never tried it with salt mixed in though. I need to switch over fully to using it as my sole face wash though as my face needs to try something a bit different to fully clear up. Like you, pregnancy and breastfeeding mess up my skin.

  7. I love honey as a face wash! I do almost the same thing as you do, but I add in some baking soda, instead of the salt, and it has the same exfoliating effects. Cute post! :)


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