Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I resolve to not resolve

I love New Year's resolutions.  Well I like making lists, so therefore I love resolutions because it's another list.  

Of course this year is no different, I need to write my list, if I don't, I feel I might implode.  

So my 2013 Resolutions:

  • GET BACK TO THE GYM (because this isn't stereotypical right?)
  • Lose 382973465729324765 pounds (in English, that means lose 45 lbs)
  • Wear my hair down three days a week (I am queen of the pony tail, but it seriously needs to stop)
  • Read 50 books (audio counts and is NOT cheating)
  • Finish Lucy's first year scrapbook (don't judge me, it's like 10 pages from being done.  Yes I know she is almost 5)
  • Finish Dexter's first year scrapbook (his is also almost done)
  • Go on a hike once a month
  • Learn to use the new camera that Matt is going to let me get
  • Start my toddler book club back up
  • KEEP UP WITH MY CHORES (I have gotten lazy recently and well, it's harder to catch up than keep up)
  • KEEP BLOGGING (I love this)
  • F I N I S H my book (I haven't written a thing since Nanowrimo)
  • Sell all our junk in the garage (I don't care how many yard sales I have to have, I want it all GONE!)
  • Learn to use Matt's wood working tools in the garage (I want to make all the kids in our family wooden toys for Christmas)
  • Get Dexter's montessori bedroom set up (and move him into his own room)
  • Survive Lucy starting Kindergarden
  • Start a veggie garden
  • Rearrange Lucy's bedroom
  • Start and stick with "Mostly Technology Free Sunday" (I say mostly because we do love our movies but we will stay off our laptops and phones as much as possible)
Is that a long enough list?  I know these seem to be silly goals, but I am happy with this list.  It's also not very overwhelming so I hope that I will keep up with most of it.  

What are your resolutions???

**Disclaimer, I reserve the right to disregard this list at any time and not follow through with anything ;)


  1. Lose 651869452871 pounds (which in English is 70). Lol. That is one reason I enjoy your blog. We share a sense of humor.

  2. So since U are going to do woodworking, one of your resolutions is to get down to only 9 fingers?..........

  3. Oh, PS......As a weigth lose expert, the only way to lose weight is to, "DON"T EAT!"....

  4. PPS......One other thing....If U lay off the soda, U will lose 5lbs in one month......So, after around 10 yrs, U will lose over 500 lbs....Ck the math!!!

  5. Heather, check in and tell me how you are doing at your goals!!

    Dad, I gave up soda awhile ago, well kinda...I went from 3 cans a day to like one a week...and I GAINED weight.......laaaaaaaaame

  6. I admire "Mostly Technology Free Sunday!" I would love to have a cell phone/computer free evening or day a week!

    PS. I'm also in denial that Lucy will be starting school. I'm sure she will have lots of Lucy-isms for the other children though!

  7. I love the disclaimer. Those are doable goals!

  8. Love this list:) I'm trying new recipes in 2013 and trying to eat more veggies:) Can't wait to hear about your veggie garden.


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