Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Elsie Cheeks, a diaper

Recently I was contacted by Madeline with IheartMaddy asking if I would review a diaper for her.  Um, of course!

We have all kinds of diapers here, prefolds, pockets, fitteds, you name it, we probably have it.  We mainly use pockets and fitteds because for us, it's just easier.

The type of diaper Madeline makes is a fitted hybrid which means that it's fluffy and soft like a fitted, but it has a hidden layer of polyester fleece inside it so the outside stays dry longer.  I like this option in diapers because I can go longer without any leaks than with regular fitteds.  I did an experiment with her diaper and left it on Dexter until it leaked (making sure he hadn't pooped), but I ended up having to change him at the 7th hour because of poop, and even then, the leg holes were only barely getting damp.  SEVEN HOURS without a leak.  That is amazing!  Who knows how long he could have gone if he hadn't pooped.

We have used this diaper at night as well.  Dexter is a super heavy wetter at night, and when we use this diaper, haven't had any problems.  I love that this diaper can be a daytime or nighttime diaper.  It also makes it easier for Matt when he is getting Dexter ready for bed because he doesn't have to figure out which ones are night times, and which ones are daytime diapers.

I also love how cute her diapers are.  She found this fabric especially for me because she knows I love monkeys and Dexter loves outer space (he told us ;P) so this monkey spaceman diaper is absolutely perfect for us.

To give you a good comparison,  if you are a fellow CDer, you might have heard of Twinkie Tush (TT) diapers, I know I have.  I even own one.  People go crazy for those diapers.  My honest opinion, Madeline is giving TT a HUGE run for their money.  I prefer the cut and fit of her diapers FAR better than that of TT.  I find that Madeline's not only fit better around his chunky legs and for me, they seem less bulky.

If I didn't already have an extensive cloth diaper stash already I would totally change our entire stash over to Madeline's line.  They are just so easy to use, super absorbent, and hello, freaking cute as hell!  I love that you can get customs made also.  I will be using THAT to my advantage as soon as I can find some awesome Harry Potter fabric, or a t-shirt to send her so she can make me a custom Harry Potter diaper.

So if you are looking to begin cloth diapers, increase your stash, or just need a super cute custom diaper, hit up Madeline.  She's got a few listed on her Facebook page that I want so badly I am seriously trying to figure out how to tell Matt that I need to buy more.

And look out cloth diapering world, there is a new designer on the town and she is making an excellent product!!!

Pictures used with the permission of IheartMaddy
Madeline has given my readers a special offer!!  If you head to her Facebook page, like it, and order a diaper, tell her Sowdering About sent you and she will give you 15% off your order!!!

So please head over, show her some Facebook love and tell her who sent you!

Disclaimer:  I received my diaper as a gift for review.  This did not impact my opinion on the diaper at all, if it sucked, I would have said that, or just not reviewed it at all.  It in fact does not suck, it's pretty awesome.  I was not paid to give a good review.

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  1. I will definitely file this information away.......Go, Little Red, Go!!!!

  2. We usually use pre-folds but I've been looking for a better night time option, we have a heavy wetter as well. I'll definitely be checking these out!
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