Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sowdering About meets Young House Love

I have been following the Young House Love blog for a while now.  They do home improvements, renovations and decorating for pennies on the dollar.  I love seeing what they produce and I have pinned everything a few things they have done.  

A few months ago, I saw they wrote a book, and I immediately went to stalk their book tour schedule.  I don't know if you saw on that list, but they were coming to the PNW, Tacoma specifically.  Well Tacoma is like an hour south from where we are, but that was not going to stop me.  To be the perfect stalker, you have to be committed, regardless of the drive and regardless that it was with two small kids.  Oh and my new Aussie friend joined me too.  

So we got there with seconds after they started their presentation.  I was excited.  I was star struck.  And I had a baby with a dirty diaper.  Bullocks (I say bullocks now because I have an Aussie friend and that is what she says).

I headed to the bathrooms with the boy and got him cleaned up.  I then noticed the book table, which was awesome because I hadn't purchased my copy yet, and what better time to buy than at the event, when it's twice what it is on Amazon.  I asked when they would be starting the signing and the lady said any minute.  I hustled back over to my friend and Lucy trying not to make a scene because I didn't want people to see I was jumping in line.  My stealth moves worked because we ended up being third in line.  Amazing right?

 Sherry and John are very nice, at least they seem like it, I only got to talk to them for like 30 seconds.  And they listened to my story about how my friend, Beth, turned me on to their site in the first place and how it was her birthday last month and how she also just bought her first house and then, and then, and then...
 And as I rambled (I do that when I am nervous), I mentioned that I had brought a picture of Beth and would they mind a photo where Beth was in the picture?

They happily obliged.  I mean, I was kinda acting like a manic crazy person, maybe they just said yes to get me to shut up.  Either way, I got the picture, and I got the signed book.  And now I am famous by proxy...right?

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