Friday, January 11, 2013

The Booby Trap

I have some news to share that I am really pretty excited about sharing!  I am participating in a series starting February 1st called The Booby Trap!  It's hosted by Trisha over at Intoxicated on Life.  I am particularly excited to write on the subject of breast feeding since I am just at the tail end of my breast feeding chapter in my life.  I feel like this will be a good way to end that journey.

I will be writing two separate articles for Trisha, one will be a funny article on the adventures of breast feeding, because lets be honest, you have to take time out to laugh.  And the other will be some tips on breast feeding in public and how to build your confidence in that.

My articles won't be featured until March, but I encourage you to check out all the articles in this series as they are being written by very well educated women on the subject.  I'll be linking up to this series on my side bar so you can check it out, and I will be posting links and updates via Facebook, so please, check it out!!

**Disclaimer:  I just want to add, where breastfeeding has worked out for me, I totally understand cases in which it does not, or in cases where people chose not to breastfeed.  I just want everyone to fully understand that I don't care how you feed your kids, just as long as you are feeding them.

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