Sunday, January 6, 2013

This weeks menu

Like the new button?  It will do for now.  But I needed to try something out haha.

Last weeks menu went really well.  I really liked having breakfast pre-made that wasn't cereal and the kids loved the lunches I also pre-made.  Aside from the fact that Dexter has been a bottomless pit and has actually been eating more than me these past few days, we had plenty of food left over for lunches too.

On the plus side, by kicking all the crap that I had been eating, watching my "points" and tracking everything I have been eating on MyFitnessPal, I am down 5 pounds this week.  5 POUNDS PEOPLE!  So I'll be keeping up with that this week as well.  I am pretty excited about it.

So here it goes:

  • Grapefruit
  • cucumber/avocado salad
  • Cheese burgers and cheese fries
  • grapefruit
  • tomato/cucumber salad
  • Taco lettuce wraps
  • cupcake quiche
  • tomato/cucumber salad
  • chicken/garlic bread bake
  • egg sandwich
  • tomato onion salad
  • pizza


  1. Now that is the kinda menu that I am allowed to have....And now that vacation is over, I am off the cokes again....It's roots and berries for me from now on....(Except vacation)

  2. Except for the Bacon and red meat....Except for vacations....I really miss the bacon, but I cheat sometimes on Friday's and have a BLT....


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