Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Duct tape library bag

My sweet girl Lucy got a library card recently.  Well, we both did.  It was about time too.  I love the library.  And what I love most about the library is that now-a-days you have full access to their online stuff.  You know, back in my day, the library didn't have the internet.  I sound old.

Anyway, Lucy got a library card.  She thinks this is amazing that she can go to the library, pick out new books and bring them back for more.  I love it because instead of her getting $10 a week in "allowance" for books, she gets them for free.  

To make the library an even more special event, I decided to make her a library bag that holds nothing more than her library books.  I asked around and a friend of mine mentioned duct tape.  Yes.  Duct tape for a bag.  I thought this was the most ingenious idea ever.  I love duct tape.  As a matter of fact I watched this episode of Myth Busters where they were testing the strength of duct tape, and they were able to make a makeshift bridge that held the weight of a full grown man.  But I digress.

So I took Lucy to the craft store for her to pick out her color duct tape.  She chose purple and teal.  

Then, we made a "sheet" of duct tape by alternating the colors:
Once the bottom part was done, we just did the exact same thing but with it sticking to itself.
Duct tape fabric done!  

After the "sheet" was done, we folded it in half as you can see in the picture below.  Then I added a small strip of tape to the sides so that it would hold together as an actual bag.  
And we did the same to the top, making a little border.
For the handle, I just took two strips of duct tape and laid them on top of each other leaving about 1 inch of sticky open on each side.  I stuck those to the inside of the bag where you can kind of see here:
And there you have it, our bag made from duct tape.  Lucy loves it and she took it with her on our most recent trip to the library and was so proud of it she showed all the librarians there.  And of course, they all loved it too.

We did run into one small hiccup and that was after hanging in the coat closet for two weeks (our vacation), we came home and the handle had unstuck itself.  I put up a temporary fix with another handle, but I am going to do a more permanent fix this week.  I am going to wrap the handle around the whole bag, maybe using another color, so that it has more of a support system.

Have you made any projects with duct tape?

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  1. I LOVE the library....In college, it was my favorite place to sleep!!!.....As for duct tape, half of Adult Ed is held together with duct tape!!!


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