Monday, February 4, 2013

This week's menu

Whoops...I forgot to post last night!

Well, not much has changed, we are still on vacation in Las Vegas and I am pretty sure I have put on every pound that I have lost since the start of the year.  I am stuffed all the time, but the food is sooooooooooo good.

This week will be another week of eating out so be jealous!

Monday - Lunch at FARM BASKET!  OMG, if you ever visit Las Vegas, take a journey off the strip for some incredibly awesome fried chicken sandwiches.  It is a MUST.  It's so freaking good.  I would call Farm Basket the "White Castle" of Las Vegas.

Dinner is being made by my grandmother-in-law, some good ol fashioned southern fried chicken (I love me some fried chicken).  I walked in this afternoon to a house that made my mouth water.  I cannot wait for dinner (I am posting while waiting for it to be done)

Tuesday - I *think* we are having lunch with some friends.  I hope it's at Boston Pizza, but I am not sure yet.  For dinner, that is still up in the air for now, so if you want to see me, now is the time!

Wednesday - Dexter and I will be in Yuma visiting my grandparents.  I really hope my grandma makes her salad because 1) she makes AMAZING salads and 2) I could really go for something moderately healthy.

Thursday - Again, this day, both lunch and dinner are up in the air.  I am just not sure where we are going and who we are going with just yet.

Friday - I am meeting up with my cousins for a cricut tutorial and then Friday night, well, I am not sure about that either.  It seems I had so many more definite plans last week, but this week, things have been shifting around.

Saturday - Breakfast will be with some friends of ours for bagels since we used to meet up with them almost weekly when we lived here.  I cannot wait to see them and get some one on one time with them.  Then Saturday afternoon after Build and Grow we will be hitting the road making our way back to Seattle.

Sunday - We will still be driving so all our food will be on the road.  Bleh.  I don't think we will eat out for months after getting home.  I am over it!

What are you doing this week for food?

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  1. Let's goto Maccao's tonite!!! TCT's for all!!!!


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