Sunday, March 3, 2013

This week's menu

I ran my first 5k this morning.  I did not train.  I was not completely prepared.  But I did it.

Now I had every intention of training and then you know...I got lazy...and I didn't, but hey, I would have to say I did pretty good for my first race for not training at all.

Now I kinda want to run another one and work on beating my time.  Crazy.  Maybe.

I've been working on Lucy's train table for her birthday this week.  I spent two whole days arranging the tracks to fit on the board that I had just perfectly.  And seconds after I took pictures of it so I could put it back together after painting, Dexter came through like Godzilla and destroyed it.  Fortunately I was able to get the pictures first.

We had company over twice this weekend.  That was really nice because it forced me to clean my house at least twice.  I should have people over more often.  It really makes me keep the house presentable.

Planning is in full force for Lucy's 5th birthday.  I cannot wait to write up the posts about her party decor and possibly a few tutorials.  It's really going to be pretty awesome.  It's going to be a little crazy, but well, I am pretty crazy.

Now on to this week's menu.

B - oatmeal
L - peanut butter and jelly for us all
D - potato soup

B - oatmeal
L - chicken nuggets for the kids, left overs for me
D -  Bourbon Chicken

B - oatmeal
L - peanut butter and jelly for us all (we might even have a picnic depending on the weather)
D - penne with roasted asparagus (and I am adding chicken)

B - cinnamon rolls
L - chicken nuggets for the kids and I am having salad

B - homemade donuts
L - left overs
D - pizza

B - Starbucks
L - eating out
D - homemade mac and cheese with chicken

B - french toast
L - left overs
D - chicken and veggies

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  1. Your GrandDaddd won the Vegas Corporate Olympics 5K Marathon for 70 yr olds when he was 70 (duhhh)...So Marathoning may be in your blood!!!.......I run all the time.....I run out of money!!!


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