Sunday, March 17, 2013

This week's menu

Matt is finally back in town.  Last week he was in Philly.  I kinda wanted to go because he was also near Scranton which is where The Office takes place.  The little things that excite me.  I swear, when he is gone, days last forever.  It is just so boring in the evenings after the kids go to bed.  So I am glad he is home.

Saturday, we went to an event with Target.  Yes, you heard me right, this little ol blog in Seattle had lunch and did arts and crafts with Target.  It was an intimate event with myself and about 7 other bloggers at a museum in downtown Seattle called The Wing.  We had a great time and we got to learn that not only did Target open up a new store downtown, but that they work really hard to give back to the community.  The next part I write is based solely on on my memory...They talked about how they helped redo libraries in the local schools and how not only did they donate a huge amount of books recently, they donated books to every student at the school INCLUDING their siblings, which I thought was amazing!  Oh and I think I heard them mention how Sowdering About was their favorite blog.

I signed up for another race.  It's an 8k this time.  What the hell was I thinking?  Anyway, it's in May, so I have time train.  The neat thing about this race is it's called "Beat the Bridge" which means you have 20 minutes to run the first two miles to "beat the bridge" and if you miss it, you have to wait forever until they put the bridge back down.  Turns out that this race is a fundraiser for childhood diabetes.  I didn't know this until after I signed up but I think it's pretty cool since my baby brother has Type 1.  As a matter of fact this is the Facebook message I sent him after I found out:
Brother, I just signed up to run an 8k freaking race called "Beat the Bridge" here in Seattle on May 19th. Do you know how long an 8k race is? It's freaking long. But it's for type 1 diabetes. So I am going to run this freaking race and think of you while I am doing it. 

And when I am puking because I ran so much, I will puke in your honor.
I should write for Hallmark, I know.

Back to what I am good with, here is this week's menu:

B-oatmeal, Dexter loves it, Lucy doesn't know how she feels about it yet
L-chicken nuggets (for the kids) and left overs for me
D-shredded chicken in a butternut squash boat (this will be a made up recipe that I am going to wing. I will try to jot down notes)

B-Grapefruit for me and cereal for the kiddos
L-We might be eat out because we have a play date
D-my friend Bree's Italian wedding soup (I will post a recipe too)

B/L- We are going to a brunch play date so we will be snacking on a million different things
D- Stuffed avocados with chicken (this is also something that I am just going to wing, I will try to jot down notes)

B- my cupcake quiches
L- sandwiches

B-cupcake quiches
L-left over tacos

B-cupcake quiches
L-we are eating out!
D-homemade mac and cheese

B- I am making this which I saw on the food network while Matt was away.  And OMG it looked amazing so I looked up the recipe and yes.  This is happening.
L- leftovers (probably)
D- leftovers again


  1. U used "hell" again....It's Heck and Heck is where people go that don't believe in Gosh!!!

  2. I miss you! You were my star parent... If a GS leader can have such a thing. Wish you were in Phx instead of Seattle.


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