Sunday, March 24, 2013

This week's menu

This week sort of flew by.  The kids got sick with stuffy noses and I lost my voice.  I had a few ladies over to my house on Friday night where we did a little craft project that was pretty fun (I will blog about it later since my project was for Lucy's party) and then Saturday night I went to another ladies night where we played Scrabble.  Oh how my Saturday nights have changed.

I do have a quick funny story about Scrabble though.  When I was about 16 my BFF and I were playing Scrabble with a two other friends.  I guess I should preface with the fact that my BFF is insane about Scrabble.  Like completely and utterly insane.  She knows this.  I know this.  We should never play together.  I digress.  Anyway, we were all playing and I was score keeper.  Half way through the game, my BFF accused me of cheating and not giving her the double word score or something.  First, let me tell you something though, I was not cheating because I don't cheat at board games and second she was already beating everyone by about 100 points so even if I had been cheating, it wouldn't have effected the outcome of the game.  And third, by the end of argument, I was so upset, I left.  I vowed that day I would never play Scrabble with her again.  And I haven't.  I also tell that story every time I play Scrabble.

Today was an AMAZING day in Seattle.  The weather, albeit a little chilly, was perfect and sunny and we played pretty much all day outside.  Matt and I got a lot of work done in the garage, we went from  like a 6" walking path to a 3' walking path.  Our yard sale cannot happen fast enough, I cannot wait to get rid of everything so we have our garage back in order.

Anyway, on to the menu.  It's going to be a little on the easy side, my inlaws are coming for a visit this week so I am sure we will be going out to eat more than we normally do.  So here you go:

B-grapefruit for me, cereal for the kids
L-potluck lunch with some friends
D-homemade mac and cheese

B-grapefruit for me, cereal for the kids
L-left overs
D-loaded baked potatoes with left over spaghetti meat sauce

B-cinnamon rolls
L-not sure yet, we are having a little play date and so we might just snack on stuff
D-Italian wedding soup (it was soooo good from last week, that Matt requested it again this week, and that was after he had two servings the first night and left overs all week of it.  This never happens, so I will be writing the recipe this time and taking pictures.  I cannot not share)

B-grapefruit for me, cereal for the kids
L-having pizza at Costco since we have to go and buy all the food for Lucy's party
D-eating out

B-eggs and bacon
L-left overs
D-eating out

L-BBQ for Lucy's party
D-left overs from lunch

Sunday (Easter)-
B/L-having a potluck brunch with friends and an egg hunt with the kids
D-left overs

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  1. About cheating at games....One time we were playing Poker at Grampa's house and when U went to the bathroom, U made the mistake of leaving your cards on the table and your Grampa showed Jimi and I what U had in your hand......I folded and so did Jimi shortly thereafter


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