Saturday, March 9, 2013

This week's menu

This week Lucy and I spent a lot of time working on the decorations for her birthday.  I am super happy that she is old enough to help me do this stuff.  And not because it's too much or because I don't want to, but because I like doing this stuff with her.  I might be switching Thursday Lucy-isms to decoration posts until her birthday, we will see.

Matt and I have been watching Game of Thones.  He is super excited for the new season, I just like having a "show" to watch together so I am coping.  Do any of you watch it?

I worked out four out of the five days last week.  I am really super excited about this.  I plan on doing at least the same this week.  Now if only Dexter would deal better with the childcare and not cry the whole time, then I could get in more than 20 minutes.

On to a super quick easy dinner plan this week.  Matt won't be here for dinners so all week so wait for it...each night we will have a chicken breast and a steamed veggie.  Breakfast will be cereal or oatmeal and lunches will be salads and sandwiches.

And that's it.  With Matt not here for dinners, I don't try to impress the kids, they don't mind anyway.

What do you have on your menu?


  1. Dexter will get used to it:) You and Lucy are going to have a lot of fun doing the birthday stuff! Hooray for you for working out 4 times last week!

  2. We're almost done with the second season of game of thrones. I love it, but there's so much crap in it I have a hard time watching it sometimes.

  3. Tell that little boy to "Man-Up"...I will try the TV show....Dinner sounds fine....Very busy.....Gotta go


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