Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tales of a booby monster, a guest post

I took a short trip over the interwebs to Intoxicated on Life to talk about boobs and breastfeeding!

It's a quick little post about finding the humor in breastfeeding and I try to "tell it like it is."

Head on over to read: 

Tales of a Booby Monster: 

The Unglamorous Truth About Breastfeeding

  and leave some love for me and my poor boobs.

"I had an emergency cesarean with my daughter, so we were in the hospital for three days, and I remember on day two, I picked up my beautiful little baby, stared lovingly at her, stroked her hair, smiled and then helped her in the most gentle way to latch. Once she was on, she attacked me much like a rabid bear attacking a picnic basket full of honey. I gasped in pain so loudly, my husband jumped out of bed and rushed over because he thought I had dropped her."

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  1. Randi,

    I loved this post! I laughed and remembered the joys and soreness of my journey with breast feeding my daughter. My pain lasted longer than 21 days but I found out that it was due to my nipple being crooked in my daughter's mouth. Who knew? You line up the baby and your breast' the nipple goes in straight, right? Wrong! I found out during one feeding when there was a lot of pressure on one side of the areola and I used my finger to pull the skin. Instant alignment and NO MORE PAIN! PERIOD! However, I ended up quitting breast feeding about three or four days later. Figured. My daughter had a lot of reactions to foods I was eating. In the first six weeks I had to cut out all vegetables. The next week it was all fruit. One month later she ended up all colicy again and I called Le Leche League and I was told to cut out all dairy. When I found this out I quit breast feeding. I mean, just how much nutrition was my daughter and I going to get eating just breads and meats? The good part was when I said to the councilor that "Thanks for the information but I'll just put her on a bottle." the councelor stated (and I quote) "IF YOU DO THAT THEN YOU'LL BE A BAD MOTHER!" Yes, she yelled it to me on the phone. I don't recommend Le Leche League to anyone. Surprised?
    Seriously though,found you through "That's What Che Said", loved your blog and will be back.


  2. Great post! The candid truth! Thanks for sharing on Monday Funday!

  3. Hysterical and TRUE! It's been a long time, but I remember it all, the mess, the pain, the terrible advice! I found your blog from SimpleHomeLife party (my first!) and I am hooked. I like your honesty. Thanks for the laugh and the memories.

  4. I remember voracious little darlings and very, very sore nipples. We learned together, my babies and I. I was glad we stuck with it...although. My first only nursed once in the hospital; four hours after birth we discovered she needed emergency open heart surgery. After her surgery, she'd arch her back and scream if I tried to nurse her. My fourth daughter, after seven months, ran a slight fever one day and refused nursing. By afternoon I was a little frantic and took her to the clinic...ear infection. She refused to nurse after that. They seem to have a say in the matter too...Lynaea @


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