Sunday, April 28, 2013

This week's menu

This week was pretty busy.  And by busy, I mean we had a lot of play dates. After our play dates, we came home and played outside because the weather was absolutely incredible.

There is something magical about springtime in Seattle.  The sun comes out and so do the people.  The streets are lined with pedestrians and people out having a good time.  Restaurants have lines out the doors for people wanting to eat outside.

It's absolutely incredible.

And boy did we take advantage of it.

We also celebrated the 1000th day of life of a friend of ours.  I thought it was probably one of the sweetest things I have heard.  It was super cute.  Lucy also had her very first sleepover on Friday as well.  Some other friends of ours went on a date night and their daughter stayed with us.  It was a lot of fun.  At 10pm on Friday night, while Lucy had been passed out for about an hour, she looked up at me from her little bed and said "Randi, why am I still awake?"  It was so sweet.

We are going to be getting into some serious "stranger danger" talk in our house coming up in the next few weeks.  With Lucy starting school in the fall, I feel like I need to really push this issue.  Does anyone have idea?

On to this week's menu

B-Starbucks, we have a few errands to run in the morning so we will be out and about
D-ham bone soup

B-cinnamon rolls
L-picnic lunch  (as long as the weather holds up)
D-chicken gyros

B-eggs and bacon
L-picnic lunch (again as long as the weather holds up)
D-roasted chicken and veggies

B-cinnamon rolls
L-picnic lunch (Oh we will be taking advantage of this weather as long as we can!)
D-chicken pot pie

L-salad for me, grilled cheese for the kiddos

B-pancakes and bacon
L-possibly lunch with some friends
D-left overs

B-french toast
L/D- I was selected to host a World Harbors House Party from so we will be hosting a party with our friends to taste their product.  It will be mexican themed and it will be amazing.  Stay tuned for my post about it!

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  1. I am so glad that U guys like Seattle.....From your pix, I am feeling like U guys are having a really good time.....Tell the kids not to worry about poor ol' Grampa sitting all by himself alone in the dark in Las Vegas.....It's OK....


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