Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Lucy-isms

Matt doesn't like that I take the kids to this trampoline place because he says it's too dangerous.  Since we go during the toddler time there are usually only about 6 other kids, there isn't much harm.  That said, this is the conversation between Matt and Lucy regarding what we did on Wednesday.

Matt:  So Lucy what did you guys do today?
Lucy:  Noooothing
Matt:  You better tell me.
Lucy:  Ummm, we went to a place.
Matt:  What place?
Lucy:  The bus stop
Matt:  And where did you guys go?
Lucy:  We waited for the bus so we could go to Africa
Matt:  And did you go to Africa?
Lucy:  No.  Africa is so far away
Matt:  Then where did you go?  To the trampoline place?
Lucy:  No, we went to the airplane place and took a plane to Africa
Matt:  If you don't tell me the truth you don't get a special treat
Lucy:  Ok, we went to the trampoline place.


  1. haha, that is funny. I've been wanting to take my toddler to the trampoline place too :)

  2. Haha! She sold you out, quick! But, good for her for hanging onto the fib for a little while, at least.


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