Friday, May 17, 2013

Breastfeeding in Public: Tips you need to hide your nips; A guest post

Finishing up my contributions to Intoxicated on Life's series on breastfeeding, I give you my latest post

There is a small cameo from my childhood best friend Alberta.

Here is a short excerpt:

I remember I gave my husband a terrified look and said “I think she’s hungry.”
He looked back at me perplexed and said, “Then feed her.”
“Well I can’t here, we need to go to the car,” I said.
“But our cart is full, just feed her here.”
“I can’t. We need to go to the car.” And annoyed, he followed me out to the car. Once there, I asked him to move the car to the furthest spot in the parking lot that faced away from everyone. I then pulled out my cover, used about 4 receiving blankets to cover the windows, and I set her up to nurse. To this day, my husband still teases me about how I pretty much put up one way glass around our car terrified that someone just might think I was nursing my baby.
It’s true.  I was terrified.

I hope you all take a moment and check it out.  I know that I enjoyed writing it, so I hope you all enjoy reading it!
Back to regularly scheduled postings on Sunday.  
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