Friday, May 24, 2013

Thanks for voting! But I didn't win

(Or reasons why I will probably never win)

Sadly, I did not make passed the audition round for So You Think You're Crafty.  There was A LOT of talent competing, A LOT of fabulous people made it through.  If I was going to lose to anyone, I suppose I am happy losing to them.

(Yes, this is my "I didn't beat the bridge" sad face, but it's how I feel by not making it to SYTYC's top ten, so it fits.)

I know that the craft I submitted was not a very popular idea or catchy theme.  I am perfectly ok with that being the reason as to why I lost.  I struggled very hard with what I should submit.  In the end, what felt best was to stick to my roots and do what best represented me.  As a matter of fact, I was just discussing with my friend about this very thing and how I felt that maybe I should have done something more mainstream, more trendy, but she said that had I done that, I wouldn't have stayed true to myself.  And she's right.

I selected doing nature blocks, not because I thought it was the best project I could have done, but because I felt them to be very unique, different and quite the opposite of trendy.  Maybe I should have painted chevrons on them, then maybe they would have been more "liked."  I keed I keed.

I did a lot of research for my project that I submitted.  I googled to see how many other people had written about natural blocks (not many that I could find) and I searched Pinterest (also not many).  It's why I ended up going with it.  It was different.

There were far greater projects than mine competing.  For instance, the United Colors of Love creation by Welcome to the Mouse House, WHOA!  That was amazing.  I complained about my hands hurting after whittling the nature blocks, but can you imagine how her hands felt after punching all those hearts?

Or the Ombre Rocks from Remarkably Domestic...A woman after my own heart by creating something from nature.

I am glad this contest was anonymous.  I wanted win based on my talents not on popularity.  I thought it was fun seeing what projects people thought were mine.  Heck, I didn't even tell my mom and dad what project was mine (both of whom got it right though [I think, dad did you get it right?]).

All in all, I am very thankful for this experience.  Not making it to the top ten isn't going to stop me from trying again.  I can only hope that next time, whatever my "unique" project ends up being, is awesome enough to get me in, if not, it will be my "side stream" crafting that does me in.

Thanks again for everyone that voted in this contest, regardless of who you voted for.  And a HUGE congrats to the top ten that did make it through, I can't wait to follow this season along and see who comes out the winner in the end!

So what project did you think was mine?  Or did you get it right?

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  1. I think NOT making it to the top 10 was the best thing that could have happened to you....If you had made the top 10, you would probably have ended up with all that prize money and THEN what are you goin' to do?...Congratulations!!!!


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