Sunday, May 19, 2013

This week's menu

Matt was out of town this past week, again, and again, we were bored.  We had a couple of play dates, but I canceled them because I wanted a quieter week at home.  I cleaned, we ate out, and we had a nice week.  My neighbor brought over some food for me and another one of my friends invited us over for dinner.  It was nice.

I've been accepted to two different crafting challenges!  I am very excited about this!  Well, one I am just auditioning for, voting will be up this week.  Of course, it's all anonymous so I can't tell you which project is mine, I can only ask that you vote for the project you feel is the best, and hopefully, it's mine!

Lucy is going to be moving up in belts in karate soon.  I can't wait to post pictures of it when she is done.

Dexter, the wonder boy that refused to talk, said car, no, go, diaper, turtle and mama (appropriately) this WEEK.  Yes, all of that in just one week!  I said when he was scooting that he would be a happier baby when he could crawl.  When he started crawling, I said he would be happier when he could walk, and now today, I say I cannot wait until he starts really talking because I think he will be much happier since he is constantly frustrated all the time.  I really think he's a boy genius that is trying so hard to tell me how smart and intelligent that he is, but he just can't get his tongue to work right.

Also, I ran an 8k today, a race called "Beat the Bridge."  It was for childhood diabetes.  You had twenty minutes from the last person crossed the start line to make it to the bridge before they lifted it.  Well, they lifted the bridge early and I missed it.  By mear seconds.  Seconds.

That bridge can suck it.

This week's menu is going to pretty simple.  I want to get back into some fancier cooking, but well, the weather has just been too nice to spend it locked up in the kitchen.  It's going to be rainy this week, but we are still going to do fire up the grill anyway.

B-Starbucks, I have an early morning appointment at the Apple store to get my phone fixed and my laptop looked at.
L-chicken and green beans
D-chicken gyros

B-eggs and pancakes
D-grilled chicken and asparagus with a side of watermelon

B-cinnamon rolls
D-Salad with grilled chicken

D-grilled chicken with friend onions and potatoes

B-eggas and pancakes
D-grilled pizza

B-bacon, eggs and pancakes
D-we are having a potluck at a friends house if we aren't babysitting

B-german pancakes
D-BBQ ribs with baked beans and corn on the cob

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  1. Thank U for posting your weekly Meal Menu right after posting about Breast Feeding.......All us guys are grateful!!!


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