Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Lucy-isms

Lucy has been working on her joke telling.  she has been saying silly things like "why did the toilet flush?" and then "BECAUSE IT HAD A BUTTERFLY!"  None of it makes sense.  We spent an hour going over jokes the other day and this was my favorite one.

Lucy:  Why do trees make clouds?

Matt:  uh, why?

Lucy:  Because they have a bush on their head!!  Does that make sense?

Matt and I cracked up and couldn't hardly breath and at the same time said:  No Lucy, that doesn't make sense!

Lucy:  Aw man!


  1. Haha! This totally made me crack up. I'm sure everyone in my office is wondering what is so funny! My 4-year old tells the same kind of nonsense jokes! It's so fun listening to them at this age.

  2. Tell her the one about the guy with the two wooden legs...


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